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Anderson Zouaves Research

Sports and Pastimes. Matches Among the Troops.

The veterans of the Peninsula campaign being desirous of enjoying themselves, inaugurated the opening of the season on the 19th. by having a friendly game of base ball. The nines were representatives respectively of the Anderson Zouaves (Sixty-second N. Y. S. V.) and the First Long Island Volunteers. The day was lovely, the ground in good condition, and the men in fine spirits; consequently, fine sport was anticipated, and was fully realized. After the game was concluded, which resulted favorably for the Andersons, they invited the Long Islanders to their quarters, where friendly sentiments were interchanged, and other things passed around. Arrangements were partially made for another match, which the Long Islanders very much desire, for they await with anxiety the opportunity when they can satisfy their friends (the Andersons) that the generous and sumptuous treatment they were the recipients of was appreciated, and will be ever remembered. The officers of the Andersons were well represented on the field, manifesting their interest in the game. They are the right style of men, and if our army had more like them, we think the Rebellion would soon be terminated.


New York State Military Museum and Veterans Research Center