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Anderson Zouaves Research

Biographies of 62d NYSV Soldiers


Information on this page is drawn from the research of our members; William Lincoln, John Tierney and Dee Sanders. Further information has been supplied by descendants and families of veterans. Basic information has been obtained from the CWSS System and John Tierney's unpublished 2006 Roster of the 62nd NYSV. This list also incorporates Dee Sanders' 62nd NYSV Infantry - Co. F. Biography Project.

I am indebted to a number of U.S. based researchers who have contributed articles and images to the ZOUAVE! magazine and this website over the years. Where this information has been used, the author's names appear at the bottom of the entry.

Soldiers are added to this list when extra biographical data is found, beyond the basic information of service dates and promotions.

I have used the CWSS Index Cards as a guide to the surnames. Where surnames have been corrected by family members or other sources, I have used these corrected names instead. I have listed alternatives names that appear in relation to the veterans as an aid to others researching these men.

Dee Sanders - Editor

ACKERMAN., William. Co. A & F. Captain.

ALLCOTT., William Peck. Co. D. Sergeant.

ALLEN., Charles Wesley. Co. G. Corporal.

ANDREWS., James. Co. F & H. Private.

ARNDT., Otto Max. Co. F. Private.

BARRIE Jnr., Francis. Co. H., Co. F & Co. E. Corporal.

BATES., James A. G. Co. F. Private.

BEASLEY, Robert F. Co. A. Sergeant.

BELLOTE (BARLOTTI) (BERLOTTI)., John (George), Co. B & I. & 55th NYV, 17th NYV, Union Sharpshooters. Captain.

BENNETT., John. Co. F & H. Private.

BENSON, Theodore. Co. F. Private.

BERCH (BAACH, BACH)., Jacob. Co. F. Corporal.

BERLINER., Solomon. Co. K. Private.

BIDLACK, William Wallace. Company S. Assistant Surgeon.

BLITZ., William. Co. F & H. Corporal.

BROCKHOUSEUR (BROCKHOUSER), Otto. Co. F and Co. H. Corporal.

BROWNE (BROWN) JNR, Edward. Co. G. Brevet Lieutenant.

CALDWELL, William H. Co. H. Private.

CARBERRY., Thomas. Co. F & Co. G. Corporal.

CHAPMAN., Austin S. Co. A. Private.

CLARK., Luman S. Clark. Co. E & Co. I. Captain.

CLARKSON., Edmond (Edmund). Co. A & US Signal Corps. Private.

COLEMAN., Hugh F. Co. H. Sergeant.

COOPER, Isaac. Co. A. Private.

CUMMINGS., John. Co. H. First Lieutenant.

DALY., Christopher. Co. A. Private.

DAVIS, Edwin Page. Co. G., Co. D., & 153rd NYSV. Brigadier General.

DAYTON., Oscar V. Brevet Brigadier General. 62NYSV & 19th Regt. VRC.

DEAN., James. Co. F. Private.

DIEDRICH (DIETRICH)., Ludwig (Louis). Co. F & H. Private.

DIEHLE (DIEHL)., George (James) J. Co. F. Sergeant.

DIRKAS, John. Co. F. Private.

DITZEL (DRITAEL, DEITZEL)., Michael. Co. F. Corporal.

DRAGIT (DRAGER, DREGER)., William. Co. F & G. Sergeant.

EDDY, George H. Co. G. Lieutenant.

ELLIOTT., Edward C. Co. I. Private.

EVANS., James R. Co. F & H. Captain (Medal of Honor).

FISH., Selah H. Field and Staff. Bandsman.

FLYNN, Thomas. Co. G. Second Sergeant.

GANNUNG (GENUNG)., Edward (Edmond, Edmund). Co. A. Private.

GOODSELL., Richard. Co. H. Private.

GOVE., Albert S. Co. H. Corporal.

GRAINOR (GREINER), Jacob. Co. F. Private.

GUTHRIE., John. Co. G. Private.

HAMILTON., Theodore B. Field and Staff. Colonel.

HARTMAN., Anthony. Co. ? and 84th NY National Guard. Captain.

HEFFERIN (HEFFREN)., Patrick. Co. D & Co. E & 20th Regt. VRC.


HYDE., Walter W. Co. B & Co. E. Private.

JOHNSTON., Theodore, Co. B. Musician

KELLEY (KELLY)., Edward. Co. H. Private.

KELLY., Timothy. Co. K. Private.

KITZ, Lewis (Louis)., Co. F. Private.

LARKIN., Margaret. Co. C. Washer.

LEWIS, William F. V. Co. E. Private.

LUNDY., Edgar (Erwin) S. Lundy. Co. H. Private.

LYMAN., Salmon H. Co. H. Private.

MAGEE, James. Co. E. Captain.

MAZEL., Albert. Co. F. Private.

McDONNELL., William J. Co. I. Private.

MOESER., George, H. Co. F. Captain.

MOORE (MORRE)., James S. Co. B. Corporal.

MORSE, Charles E. Co. I. Sergeant.

NEVIN, David J. Co. D & Field and Staff. Colonel.

PROVIN., William (Jnr). Co. H. Sergeant.

RALPH., Alfred. Co. C. Private.

REAGLES, James. Surgeon & Captain.

REDMOND, Andrew J. Co. F & Co. H. Captain.

RIKER, John L. Field and Staff. Colonel.

SHERMAN., George Thomas. Co. F. Sergeant.

SHERMAN, William W. Co. H & Co. C. Captain.

SHIELDS, Thomas. Co. G. Private.

SIMPSON., George B.F. Surgeon & Lieutenant.

SLOCUM., Smith E. Field and Staff. Musician 2nd Class.

SMITH, George W. Co. E. Corporal.

STEINKAMP (STEINCAMP), Charles. Co. F. & Co. I. Private.

STERLING, Charles R. Co. E & Co. K. First Lieutenant.

STEWART, William J. Co. D & Co. E. Corporal.

STURGES, Charles W. Co. A. Private.

TICE, W. Harrison. Co. C. Private.

TRAVIS., Charles H. Co. C., Co. D. & Co. I. Sergeant.


UPSON., Samuel. Co. H. Corporal.

WILLIAMS, Joseph. Co. H. Private.

WOODS, Alfred Covell. Co. C & Co. E. Sergeant.

YATES., Joseph J. Field and Staff. Regimental Quartermaster.