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Anderson Zouaves Research

"The dis-Loyal League" - Syracuse Daily Courier and Union (NY). Monday April 4th, 1864.


- Lieut. Col. Dwight, of the 122d Regiment, who is now at home, made a speech before the dis-Loyal League last Friday evening, upon which occasion he so far forgot his duty as a soldier and a man, as to malign and villify the 62d N. Y. Volunteers — a very worthy, tried and true regiment, and one that has seen much service in the field, and always acquitted themselves with gallantry and distinction. He said, in substance, that the Sixty-second was raised principally in the "Bloody Sixth" Ward of New York, that they (the men) never knew but one political party, and but one nomination for any election, and their system of election was "a Democratic ballot or down goes your house," and that when they left their homes, they were so thoroughly wedded to the Democratic party they believed that Andrew Jackson was still living to be voted for President! Astute "Col." Dwight! smart "Col." Dwight! "loyal" "Col." Dwight! eloquent "Col." Dwight! genteel "Col." Dwight, had better go to the field, where he belongs, than to be lounging around home villifying an old and faithful regiment. The gallant Sixty-second was made up principally of Irishmen; perhaps this is the reason for the "Colonel's" animadversions.

Transcription courtesy of Mr. John Tierney