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Bawdy House Case - Trial of Mary Ann Hall. The Evening Star, February 19th, 1864

Mary Ann Hall's Bawdy House - Washington DC

Bawdy House Case--Trial of Mary Ann Hall
Criminal C(o)urt, Judge Olin

This morning the case of Mary Ann Hall charged with keeping a bawdy house on the corner of 4th street and Maryland avenue, was taken up; Mr. Joseph H. Bradley, Sr.; appearing for the defense.

Officer Gessford testified to having seen hacks frequently in front of the house, from which he had seen males mostly get out. He had seldom seen females alight. Witness was in the house about two years since, and again about a year since, he was called there by a hackman who complained that a gentleman had "sliked" him, and witness was invited in and waited until the gentleman came down. Witness had seen when the Anderson Zouaves were here, a number of women there, but, never had seen any of any account on any other occasion. The front door had a ball and chain on it, so that it could be opened about six inches that persons might be seen before being admitted. Witness was called there another time about a watch which had been lost but he did not see any women on that occasion.

Charles Walter (late Justice of the Peace)

Interments in the Historic Congressional Cemetery