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Anderson Zouaves Research

Anderson's Zouaves [Early 1861]

Anderson's Zouaves

[Early 1861]


Colonel John L. Riker is organizing a regiment under the name and auspices of the hero of Sumter. Major Anderson has authorized the use of his name, and since the inception of the enterprise has freely advised with Colonel Riker as to the formation of this regiment. At an early hour this morning a large tent was pitched in Union square, near the Washington Monument, which will be floored to-day, furnished with a few bunks and used as the regimental headquarters. The large tent at Staten Island, temporarily occupied by Wilson's Zouaves, will be used by this regiment, and other tents will be pitched at various points in the city. It is intended to form a full regiment of 1,200 men, which will include two artillery companies of 100 men each, with a full complement of howitzers. The regiment will be uniformed and equipped as Zouaves, and it will be equal, in all respects, to any of the city volunteer regiments.




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