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The Regiment Will Be One of Our Best [May 1861]

The Regiment Will Be One of Our Best

[May 1861]


This regiment, named in honor of the gallant Major Robert Anderson, and organized under his auspices, has nearly completed its complement of men, upwards of 600 having been enrolled. The men are all picked; many of them are from the river counties, and all are accustomed to hard work. The officers are: Colonel, J. Lafayette Riker; Lieutenant-Colonel, Teasdale; Adjutant, Carrsanford; Major, Tracy, formerly of the United States Navy; Engineer, Yates; Surgeon, Crandall. There is to be one artillery company, with a battery of two of Ames' rifled cannon, twelve pounders, and two twelve pound howitzers. The quick light infantry drill is to be adopted. / The regiment has a recruiting tent in Union square, under the charge of Captain Anderson, and another at Palace Gardens. The drill room is at the latter place. The officers are experienced, and the regiment will be one of our best. It is intended that it shall form one of a brigade, of which Major Anderson is to have the command. A few more first class recruits are wanted - May, 1861.


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