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I Shall Never Have the Name of a Deserter [23 May 1861]

I Shall Never Have the Name of a Deserter

[23 May 1861]


Headquarters Albany May 23rd [1861]


My Dear Aunt,

As Mr Hammond is here I will try and improve the opportunity of writing to you and sending this letter by him. I have delayed writing to you hoping that we might get settled down before I wrote so that I might let you know where to write. We have had pretty hard times since we came here. Our Company are the most of them discouraged and some of them have run away although for my part I have found no reason to complain. I came here and as long as our company holds together I shall go with them. When I enlisted I expect to have to endure trials and hardships although I never expected to see so much vice as I have seen here swearing, drinking, fighting, quaralling and sensuality have no end here. I think our Captain (Captain Hathaway) has done all that he could do for us. He has put us in ahead of 51 companies that came here before us. We have been inspected and accepted into a good regiment. We shall probably go to the Barracks in this place in a day or two. At present we are quartered in a large room and bored to the Adams House. Our bored is very good now although when we first came here we had to live on every thing that was nasty and indecent. I have not relished a meal of victuals since I have been here. We have been found with only shirts, one pair of drawers, caps and shoes. l am going to get a furlough and coming home to make you a list in a week or two before we leave this place. I have not been very well for two or three days being troubled with sore eyes but let come what will I shall never have the name of a deserter. I have commenced reading the testament through by course and intend to read some in it every day till I read it through. And now dear Aunt as I hear the call of muster I will close this letter till I see you.


Yours in haste, Covell Woods

PS. Please write soon and oblige your nephew   CW

Much love to all


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