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Able Bodied, Healthy Men [29 May 1861]

Able Bodied, Healthy Men

[29 May 1861]


Anderson Zouaves.


Twelve hundred men have joined this regiment. Each recruiting officer has made and affidavit to the effect that every name inscribed on his roll is legitimate. Col. Riker and Lieut.-Col. Tisdale pledge themselves, if called upon by the Union Defense Committee to furnish in less than 48 hours a sufficient number of able bodied, healthy men, to form a regiment. Col. Riker complains very much of the demoralizing effect it has upon the men by keeping them in the City ; and states that the only way to make good soldiers is to keep them away from local and home influences. If this is the case, the sooner quarters are provided for them the better.


New York Times, Wednesday, May 29, 1861, Page 8.


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