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Song of the Anderson Zouaves [June 1861]

Song of the Anderson Zouaves

[June 1861]


Tune: Life on the Ocean Wave.




A life in the soldier’s camp,

A home in the snow-white tent,

Where we hear the gentry tramp,

And merry hours are spent;

Where glory waits the brave,

On the bloody battle field,

And the Stars and Stripes shall wave

O’er Zouaves that never yield.



Come, shoulder your musket, boys;

And off to the field of strife.

Leave home, and all its joys,

And fly to a soldier’s life—

With knapsack oh your back,

And canteen by your side—

To follow the foeman’s track,

Is the brave young Zouave’s pride.



The camp is the place for me,

When my country calls me there,

To fight for the Flag of the Free,

I’d live on homeliest fare;

When the tattoo beats at night,

And the reveille in the morn,

And the Zouave’s heart is light

As soon as the day is born.



Then farewell, home and friends,

For I’ve joined the volunteers;

I’ll be with him who defends

Our Flag, and never, fears.

I’m off for the Zouaves’ camp,

I’m bound for Freedom’s Wars;

On the rebel flag I’ll tramp,

And fight for the Stripes and Stars.



Our men are bound for the South;

Send with us, friends, your prayers—

For many, with gay words in mouth,

May never live to leave there.

But God, who is good and kind,

Will guard us from all harm;

And we will ever over find

He’ll lend a helping arm.


June, 1861.


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