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1,000 Pairs of Socks [7 June 1861]

1,000 Pairs of Socks

[7 June 1861]


Consolidation of effort to equip the Anderson Zouaves.


A circle of patriotic women who meet daily at Astor Library, have won to their ranks and to their utterly unsectarian movement, no less than six churches. The Anderson Zouaves have expressed a willingness to accept the especial patronage, and they will undoubtedly prove satisfactory to their fair guardians. The ladies would suggest to their aids of to any liberally-disposed parties, that a need will exist for donations of unbleached muslin for hospital use ; also 1,000 pairs of drawers and 1,000 pairs of socks. It has been satisfactorily demonstrated that a woolen sock ribbed in the leg, is the best for marching ; yet for very hot weather a different sort is proposed, made with woolen goot and cotton leg ; its advantage consists in softness to the foot, while the leg is left cool. We have observed also a curious and excellent marching shoe. The upper is of canvas finished in a soft, fair leather toe moderately thick sole, and very broad heel. Old linen is much needed by the Association, in order to complete their hospital department. Those who are in the habit of tossing aside their linen garments as only fit for the rag bag, will confer a favor by remembering  that it is more valuable than new, for new can be had for money, while old cannot at all times. Where so much wealth and influence is concentrated, we shall expect an equipment worthy of the flag under which the chosen company march. It is the same that floated over Fort Sumter during the fearful cannonading that preceded its evacuation by our gallant soldiers under the brave Anderson.


New York Times, Friday, June 7, 1861, Page 8.


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