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The Pet Regiment of New York [17 June 1861]

The Pet Regiment of New York

[17 June 1861]


The Anderson Zouaves.


On Saturday, the part of this regiment that has been quartered two miles from East New-York, joined the corps at Saultersville. In this beautiful place, shaded by a grove and fanned by sea breezes, the regiment, numbering between 800 and 900, are very comfortably quartered. Col. Riker has shown his competency for his post by his untiring and successful exertions. He was most cordially greeted yesterday on his return from Washington. In response, he made a very able and inspiring speech, which was enthusiastically cheered. He thanked the men for the patience they had exercised, and congratulated them on a better time coming and hoped they would prove worthy of him whose name they bore. As he spoke every eye was filed with tears and every heart throbbed with emotion. Gen. [Wesmore] of the Union Defence Committee, being introduced, made a very pertinent and eloquent address, in which he stated that the hearing of the ear had hot half equaled the sight of the eye. In regard to the stalwart men and noble Colonel and associated officers of this regiment, and only expressed the regret that he was not 20 years younger, that he might share the duty and honor of fighting in so holy a cause. Rev. L. C. Lockwood, who was present, seconded the remarks of the Colonel about the better day coming, and asserted, not as a myth buy as a reality, that this was becoming the pet regiment of New-York City, and the ladies of several Churches, with whom he has had conference, are now at work making under garments and Havelocks for the regiment. He also made a prayer, invoking God's special blessing upon the regiment. At 3 1/2 o'clock, Mr C. C. Leigh and the Chaplain conducted a meeting among the regiment, in which the greatest attention was given and a happy impression made. The regiment signified unanimously, by the raising of the hand, a desire for a prayer meeting, under the auspices of the Young Men's Christian Association, next Wednesday evening.


New York Times, Monday, June 17, 1861, Page 2.


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