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The Cause So Dear [21 June 1861]

The Cause So Dear

[21 June 1861]


Anderson Zouaves.


Capt. Hubbell, of Company B, desires to aknowledge the receipt of a supply of havelocks, shirts and drawers from the ladies of St. Ann's Church, West Eighteenth-street, and to express his gratitude and that of his company for the above favors, assuring these patriotic ladies that the kindness they dispense with so liberal a hand will inspire deeds of heroism in the cause so dear to every woman in the land.

Capt. Wm N. Hathaway, Company C. has opened a recruiting office at Hibernian Hall No. 42 Prince-street, for two days only ; applications should, therefore, be made at once.


New York Times, Friday, June 21, 1861, Page 8.


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