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A Complete Outfit of Under-Clothing [26 June 1861]

A Complete Outfit of Under-Clothing

[26 June 1861]


Anderson Zouaves.


This regiment, having been accepted by the United States Government, will be put upon a war footing as soon as possible. The Ladies' Central Relief Committee are furnishing a complete outfit of under-clothing for this favorite regiment, consisting of 2,000 cotton shirts, 1,000 woolen shirts, 1,000 pairs of drawers, 1,000 Havelocks, 1,000 pairs of socks, &c., &c. The ladies of the "Relief Union," Church of the Puritans, have also been steadily at work furnishing such articles of wearing apparel as the men most needed. Col. J. Lafayette Riker, and Acting Lieut. Col. W. S. Tisdale, have been unremitting in their efforts in bringing this Regiment to its present standard. These gentlemen have expended in so doing some $7,000, while the Union Defence Committee, whose special mission was to provide for volunteer regiments, have advanced only $1,500 towards the expenses, which amount now to about $500 a day.


New York Times, Wednesday, June 26, 1861, Page 5.


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