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763 Excellent Woolen Shirts [26 - 29 June 1861]

763 Excellent Woolen Shirts

[26 – 29 June 1861]


Card of thanks


To the Editor of the New-York Times :


Sir-In behalf of Col. J Lafayette Riker (now in Washington) and the Robert Anderson Zouave Regiment, we respectfully beg leave to acknowledge, through the medium of your patriotic journal, the reception of 763 excellent woolen shirts, the donation of the Ladies' Central Relief Committee, No. 1 Bond street, and the Union Defence Committee. To the generous ladies of the Relief Committee and those members of the Defence Committee who patriotically and humanely aided us in securing this very acceptable and timely contribution of shirts, so sorely needed by our brave volunteers, we tender our earnest thanks and grateful acknowledgments.


Very respectfully, &c.,

W.S. Tisdale.

Acting Lieutenant-Colonel Anderson Zouaves.

J. J. Yates, Quartermaster.


To the Editor of the New-York Times


You will confer an addtitional favor if you will allow me to correct one error which inadvertantly occured in the card of thanks published in your valuable journal of yesterday, concerning the shirts presented to the Anderson Zouaves. One hundred and eighty of them were a donation from the ladies of the All Souls Church, Dr BELLOWS, Pastor : and the remainder (585) from the Union Defence Relief Committee, No. 1 Bond-street. Mrs. J. F. WHIPPLE will please accept the thanks of the Regiment, for her valuable donation of sixty-five Havelocks.



Quartermaster Anderson Zouaves.


New York Times, Wednesday, June 26, 1861, Page 4. Saturday, June 29, 1861, Page 5.


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