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Celebration by the Anderson Zouaves [6 July 1861]

Celebration by the Anderson Zouaves

[6 July 1861]


At Camp Lafayette the Anderson Zouaves manifested their patriotism in a spirited but perfectly decorous manner, the good cheer supplied by their liberal, colonel being in no way abused by the noble fellows under his command. Mr. Isaac Isaacks (who is an honorary member of the staff) was especialIy active, and supplied a large brass field piece which was served by a squad of experienced artillerists, principally from Capt. La Fata's company, advance guard.

The men at the gun sent their noisy compliments across Newark Bay to theIr opposite neighbors greeting them In a true Fourth of July fashion, and what with the booming of cannon across the water, the sound of the bugle, the beat of the drums, the shrill notes of the fife the miniature musketry of crackers and torpedoes, the flags flying and the frequent discharge of pistols and rifles, the camp of the Anderson Zouaves, presented the spectacle of a special Fourth of July on a small scale. In the evening, a national salute was fired from the high bank near the hotel, and a splendid display of fireworks was added to the Interesting  features of the occasion. Roman candles set pieces, and other pyrotechnical attractions  were supplied in profusion and a speech full of patriotic fervor and eloquence, from Col. Riker, and which was listened to by a large auditory of fair ladies and gallant Zouaves, the appropriate finale to a day in camp, which every one present will remember as one of the most pleasing occasions of his life.


New York Times, Saturday, July 6, 1861.


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