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Anderson Zouaves Research

Departure of the Anderson Zouaves [22 August 1861]

Departure of the Anderson Zouaves

[22 August 1861]


            The Anderson Zouaves, Col. RIKER, embarked at a alte hour last evening, for Washington, via the Central New-Jersey Railroad. The Kill-von-Kull arrived at the island about 1 o’clock P.M., and commenced to receive the camp equipage on board, but it was late in the night before they were on board and under way. At last accounts they were on their way to Elizabethport.

            This regiment is very well equipped, having besides the regular uniform of gray, a fatigue dress, with three blankets each, and other necessary outfit. They are enrolled for three years.

            The following are the names of the principal officers: J. La Fayette Riker, Colonel; J.S. Tisdale, Lieutenant-Colonel; McLean, Adjutant; J.J. Yates, Quartermaster; J.A. Stevens, Assistant-Quartermaster.


The New York Times., August 22nd,  1861.