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Uncle Sams Pills [13 September 1861]

Uncle Sam’s Pills

[13 September 1861]


Washington, D.C. Sept. 10, 1861. 


The City during the week has been full of excitement regarding a probable battle on the other side of the river. Cannonading has been distinctly heard at different times, and knots of men on the street corners might be seen discussing the fortune of our arms in the supposed battle. It turned out to be only a little skirmishing among the pickets - the enemy trying the range of their cannon on us, and in one instance being answered by a few shells from our boys which doubled some of them up, while the rest retired for safe keeping. One New York (Anderson Zouaves) and three Wisconsin regiments are now occupying the ground, and very fine soldierly looking fellows they are. If they don't shorten the memory of some of those confederates, then there's no virtue in Uncle Sam's pills, administered with Minie muskets...


The Willimantic Journal, 13 September 1861