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A Very Dangerous Promotion [30 December 1861]

A Very Dangerous Promotion

[30 December 1861]


Camp Tenalby, Dec. 30, 61.


Dear Cousin Henry, your most welcom letter reached me last evening and i was glad to hear that you all are enjoying the Blessings of health, and sutch a merry Christmas and i wish you all a Merry New Year. I have spent my Christmas in my Camp altha i had Four Invitations to go out and take Dinner with the Farmers that I have got acquainted with since I have been out here, and i dont think that i will Enjoy New Years Enny better. But it is my own fault. I have taking a very Dangerous Promotion on my self Witch is Color Sargant to Carry those Glorious Stares & Stripes in the Battlefield Witch our Fore Fathers Handed down to us. As long as Life Lasts and i keep my Censes . . . answer this as soon as you get it for in less than two weeks we wil be in the Battle Field and i want you to write Before I go, for it may Be the last that will pass between us, so good bye


From your Cousin in love and Friendship

Ensign Abram T. Perine Anderson’s Zouaves Co. C


Kerr, M. (1955) In love and friendship.


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