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Men Make Hogs of Themselves [16 January 1862]

Men Make Hogs of Themselves

[16 January 1862]


Camp Tennallytown near Washington D. C Jan 16th 1862.


Dear Ma & Pa


With pleasure to me I take my pen in hand in answer to your kind and allways welcome leter dated on the 11th when I assure you it gave me pleasure to learn though your letter that you all were in the enjoyment of good health as thanks to an all wise providence this leaves me at present. You state that you are pleased to hear that  I am comfortable situated this cold weather. Dear Ma as for cold weather I hardley no what it is for thear has been no cold weather as yet out where I am oneley Two or Three days and as we are comfortable situated we having good Tents and Stoves in them we hardly know what cold weather is. Dear Ma I ave got nothing new to tell you of  oneley I expect to be home in a little wile providing thear is no advance in the Armey around the City of Washington but if thear is an advance before I receive a Furlough I hope an all wise providence will gide me in doing my deauty to my ingeered Country which God knows I love as I do my Parrance and if I am to lose my life in the defence of my Country I am satisfied for I believe a man can not dye in a better or a holyear cause

Give my love to Thomas please tell him I received his letter which I will answer as soon as I can tell him I have answered all his letters but the last one which was Three I directed them as he told me to and it is verry strance if he did not get them I receive the News Papers most every day so I can read what is going on  around me I do not think thear will be an advance in some time of the Armey under General McClellan but when thear is one rest assured nothing will stop him from carreing his planes in excecution. We will be payed off in a verry short time then for a Jolly day amunkes the Boys of our Regiment. As for me I hardly care wether some of the Men in our Regiment gets eney money or not I will tell you the reason of this ensted of sending thear money home to thear folkes they spend it for Rum which tell Pa I never tutch in no way shape or manner it panes me to see men make hogs of themselves by getting drunk and God nowes I have seen anuff of it since I have been in the armey We spent a verry nice New Years in Camp every thing passing off will with out eny acsident the Day was one of the Beauterfulles I ever witnessed. You say it panes you to see so much Difference in the opinion of People in regards to this Rebellion You say they all most all in faver of the South in the place where you live.

Dear Ma I do not beleave thear is a man living in this once prosperous Country can make me believe the Southern People did wright in Firing on and allmost starved handfull of men in Charlston Harber and thear trayling the Emblem of Liberty  in the dust which has gave Succer to men from every clime allmost on the face of Gods earth and thear is no argument strong enuf in my estirmation can be brought in thear faver hut will brand that act as unyemor cruel and cowardly tis true thear is men will argue that the South has been imposed  upon by Men of John Brown strip but was not he condened by most every man in the Northern States but Ma I hope  they that are erposing Abreham Lincoln adminestration will have the vale pooled off of thear eyes for I can not see eny thing rong with him as a ruler for I beleave him to be one of the Best men the Country can produce you must excuse the blotes n this paper for I have no good place to right

hoping this will do for an answer to your letter and hoping it will find you in the Enjoyment of good health as it leaves me I will close by sending my best whishes and regard to all of you.


Yet I remain your Son

Wm P Allcot


P.S. I thnk you for the Two sheats of Paper that you sent me


Write soon

Direct as before to me

So Goodnight


William P. Allcot Papers, 1861-1864. Earl Gregg Swem Library, College of William and Mary


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