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Albert Mazel. Co. F. Private

Albert Mazel was born in Vienna, Austria, February 22, 1842, and died on July 25, 1891, at the age of 49 years. He arrived in the US, December 23, 1864, enlisted as a Private soldier in the 62nd New York Volunteers, Company F, March 22d, 1865. Albert Mazel served to the close of the war, at which time he received an honorable discharge. His obituary in the Ogden, Utah newspaper, The Standard, makes the claim that "Most of his time was spent with General Sherman, and he was with him in his march to the sea". 

It is interesting to speculate on The Standard's obituary writer's timeline for Albert's arrival in the US and his service in the 62nd, particularly the writer's claim that Albert marched with Sherman to the sea! Could Albert Mazel have had some contact or secondment to Sherman's forces in North Carolina at War's end? 

A pension had been granted to Albert Mazel for a bullet wound to the leg, but as The Standard so eloquently puts it "...but he did not live long to enjoy it". On April 20, 1885, he became a naturalized citizen of the United States, receiving his certificate at Chicago, Cook Co., Ills. Albert Mazel was married to Miss Mary Angell, February 12, 1867, in Chicago, and moved later to Elgin, Ills, then to Denver, Colo., and came to Utah September 1882. 

The Standard says of Albert Mazel's spirituality; "Though born of the Roman Catholic church, and he was baptized in that faith, but not accepting their doctrines he never clung to the church or united with any other. Before his death he expressed a desire to have all his debts paid and all claims against him settled by his friends. He then asked for a New Testament, by this act manifesting a desire and some anxiety concerning his future welfare. Delirium soon followed and but little time was left for such preparation". 

The Standard reported that Albert Mazel died after "ailing somewhat for several months, and was taken sick a week ago last Wednesday and died Saturday at 6.45 p.m." Albert Mazel was survived by his wife, Mary Mazel (nee Angell) and six children. His family remembered him "...as being a true husband, a kind father and a good citizen". 

Albert Mazel's funeral took place from his home Monday [July 27, 1891] at 10 a.m., Rev. Geo. E. Jayne officiating.