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Private Christopher Daly, Co. A.


Private Christopher Daly’s parents immigrated from Ireland to New York sometime in the mid to late 1830’s or 1840’s. John Daly (b. 1815) was ,according to various records, a common laborer and his wife , Mary (b. 1829)  took care of the household.  Their children included George (b. 1839), Edward (b.1841), Christopher (b. 1844), Peter (b. 1851) and Mary Ann (b. 1852).   Gaining precise information about this family was difficult due to the large number of “Dalys” found in various census and tax records which, in many cases, duplicated  occupations and spousal names.  He was described as being 5’8” tall with hazel eyes, light complexion and dark hair. 

Military records, however, do show that Christopher Daly enlisted with the 62d at New York City on July24, 1861 and was mustered into Co. A on August 15, 1861. There is evidence that his brothers also served in other New York  regiments; George in Co. D of the 5th New York Infantry, Edward in Co. K of the 158th New York Infantry, and Peter in Co. F, 170th New York Infantry.  He fought with the Regiment until July 2, 1863 where he was wounded at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  According to military records, he was wounded in three separate places; three inches to the left of the lumbar vertebra, left forearm and left hand.  He was discharged from military service for disability on March 19, 1864 from the General Hospital, Patterson Park, Baltimore, Maryland. 

On April 30, 1877, Christopher married Mary Murray in Manhattan, New York. There are indications that they had three children, but details about the children and their names could not be verified. The 1870 U.S. Census revealed his occupation as a “Retailer” , while the 1875 New York Census showed  Christopher as a common laborer. 

Records between 1877 to 1899 are spotty at best , with the last concrete fact is his death as reported on his military Pension Card which showed an invalid status request filed on March 27, 1868, and a widow’s pension request filed on  July 14, 1900.  No clear information could be found on Mary’s death.

Research article by Joe Basso

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