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Songs of the Anderson's Zouaves


Songs of the Anderson's Zouaves

One of our favourite living history activities is the singing of the contemporary songs of the Civil War, both Union and Rebel. Below are three songs which appeared in the New York press at the time of the 62nd's formation. The tunes are well known and we have fun singing them.

Whether or not these songs where regularly sung or not we do not know. The first is really a piece of doggerel with some very difficult to sing lines. The second "Song of the Regiment" is an attempt at a stirring patriotic piece sung to the tune of "The Red, White and Blue", an English song originally written by Thomas A'Beckett in 1750 and adapted for American audiences as "Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean" in 1843.

The first song "Song of the Anderson Zouaves" is attributed to James O'Connor, a private in Co.D. The second song is attributed to a Miss Edda Middleton and dedicated to Major Oscar B. Dayton (later Lieutenant Colonel).

Link to the tune of "The Red, White and Blue".

Song of the Anderson Zouaves

Song of the Regiment