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Anderson Zouaves Research

Return of the Anderson Zouaves (1865)


From: New York Daily Tribune, May 10th 1865, page 6.

Yesterday morning, his honor Mayor Gunther received a telegram, announcing that the Anderson Zouaves would leave Washington last evening for New-York, and arrive in this city this morning. The Mayor thereupon sent a communication to Alderman Farley, Chairman of the Joint Committee on National Affairs of the Common Council, desiring that this regiment should be received in a fitting manner by the city authorities. Mr. Farley replied that the Committee would be unable to comply with his Honor's wishes for the reason that they were out of funds, or in other words, there was no appropriation for the purpose, but if his Honor would consent to have set apart a sum sufficient to defray the expenses of the reception, the Committee could then go on. At a late hour yesterday afternoon, the Committee had received no reply from the Mayor.

From the research of Mr. John Tierney